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In this phase, you will learn how you can destroy her like a STAR. Pushing her buttons, giving the best multi gasm, how to go down, how to make her (sqwert), how to fudge from behind, positions you've never heard of, and so much more secrets...


Hold Longer

The most common! You came early, felt ashamed, your girl didn't enjoyed,...? In this phase, you will learn how to last longer, enjoy longer, and most importantly, all the secrets you've never been told.


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Stressed, no mood, depressed from work, and your engine is not working on time! We got you, in this phase, you will learn so many of varieties how you can get stronger longer-lasting.


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In this phase, you will learn how you can build a STAR body, and help out of your stress and depression to get back active in your bed life. All the tips, tricks, and secrets of our STAR experts will be shared. 

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